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Lima Tours Foundation

For over fifty years, Lima Tours had developed world-class tourism in different areas of Peru. During that time, they have witnessed how poverty affects health and quality of life of many populations in areas where the company operates. Hence the creation of the Lima Tours Foundation, an organisation dedicated to supporting social responsibility and sustainable tourism projects in various parts of Peru.

Huilloc-Cusco is an inclusive business project that enables people in the community to improve their living conditions and give tourists an unforgettable, meaningful and cultural experience that emulates the endangered traditions and customs of the Incas. Among other worthy causes we also support the Aniquem Center for Burn Survivors in Lima, a non-profit that works in the prevention of burns in children and the rehabilitation of burn survivors.

We also collaborate with the San Jose Moro Project, where local artisans are trained to create replicas of the famous Moche fineline ceramics that are sold in the visitors centre. Their income contributes to a better life for the communities in the area.