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Sustainability is in our DNA.

What we do today, can improve all our tomorrows. Giving back to the planet is important to us, which is why sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

Starting in destinations, we encourage staff and clients to implement sustainable tourism practices while we are constantly investing in making our product portfolio more sustainable, enabling people to become part of our journey towards sustainable travel.

The best way to predict the future is to create it, one day at a time. We make sure we are incorporating environmentally friendly practices in our day to day activities. We monitor our carbon footprint and work to reduce the CO2 emissions in our offices and ground transport. By supporting responsible leadership in all of our global destinations, we believe we can contribute to the places we operate in, implementing the differences we want to see.

Discover our local initiatives


Lima Tours Foundation

For over fifty years, Lima Tours had developed world-class tourism in different areas of Peru. During that time, they have witnessed how poverty affects health and quality of life of many populations in areas where the company operates. Hence the creation of the Lima Tours Foundation, an organisation dedicated to supporting social responsibility and sustainable tourism projects in various parts of Peru.

Huilloc-Cusco is an inclusive business project that enables people in the community to improve their living conditions and give tourists an unforgettable, meaningful and cultural experience that emulates the endangered traditions and customs of the Incas. Among other worthy causes we also support the Aniquem Center for Burn Survivors in Lima, a non-profit that works in the prevention of burns in children and the rehabilitation of burn survivors.

We also collaborate with the San Jose Moro Project, where local artisans are trained to create replicas of the famous Moche fineline ceramics that are sold in the visitors centre. Their income contributes to a better life for the communities in the area.

India & Indian Ocean

Increasing reforestation

We have an agreement with Neot Kedumim Biblical Nature Reserve to increase reforestation. Holiday Travel is including a tree planting ceremony in new programmes. Neot Kedumim is a non-profit organisation where you can see and experience the land of the Bible as it was during the time of the Bible. Planting trees in Israel is an old tradition, which was especially important when the first Jewish settlers at the end of the 19th century found a desolated land. We are proud to be part of this national effort.

The ARP group is involved in the following initiatives:

Tsavo Green Initiative

This initiative aims to help biodiversity conservation within the Tsavo ecosystem whilst helping enhance the habitat in the greater Taita Hills landscape through community participation and awareness.

MEAK (Medical and Educational Aid) 

MEAK organises and funds medical and surgical missions in the fields of paediatric cardiac surgery, thoracic surgery, ophthalmology and orthopedics.

MWK (Mauritius Wildlife Foundation)

We support the foundation’s Ile aux Aigrettes programme, by offering a donation for every participant joining our excursion on our island. The programme helps fight against the degradation of the Ile aux Aigrettes nature reserve, a precious refuge for a wide variety of endangered species.

Friends of the Environment Association

We provide funds to help the restoration and conservation of the Martello Tower, a national landmark and cultural heritage site on the west coast of Mauritius, vestige of the British Empire’s occupation of the island.

Social development of Quatre Bornes

We endeavour to help the neighbourhood of Quatre Bornes, where our company is located. In this spirit, we provide support to two orphanages, the Crèche Coeur Immaculée de Marie and Abri de Nuit de St Jean for the homeless.

As Destination Services local experts, we care about the community and the environment and as a local leader in the social responsibility efforts, we are committed to our society and always endeavour the development of different projects in our destinations. We have implemented various ways of greening our offices, including recycling, reducing the printing of paper by filing electronically, active air filtration systems and use of specific plants in the office environment

Kerith Retreat

Located just outside Stellenbosch in South Africa, Kerith Retreat is a commune, which was established for mental health patients who do not need critical care but cannot be released into the community




Situated in Kayelitsha in South Africa, Fikelela provides safe and nurturing housing for abandoned, neglected and orphaned children

Rhino Ride

Aimed at creating awareness and support in the fight against Rhino poaching in South Africa

Sunkids Project 

The goal of the project is to support and encourage as many disadvantaged girls and boys in the schools of Namibia as possible, as a good education is one of the keys to a better future. Current activities include installing scholar energy panels at remote schools in Namibia and training workshops for young learners after they have left school 

The ARP group is involved in the following initiatives:

Tengeru School

This school on the outskirts of Arusha is a local institution that heavily supports the next generation of Tanzanians. It provides a high level of education to help them achieve great success in their education to ensure an opportunity for them create life changing opportunities after they leave. The school is supported through donations of books, pens/pencils, desk, sports equipment and any other requirements via open dialogue with the headmaster.

Children for Children’s future Arusha (Tumaini)

Children of Arusha and the surrounding communities who have been orphaned or find themselves on the street have the chance to improve their lives with the help of Children for Children’s Future. Their drop-in centre in Arusha provides the first line of relief by offering shelter, food, basic medical treatment and education. Ranger Safaris supports CCF by sponsoring a number of youth with boarding school fees. We also arrange visits to the centres for travellers, as part of our family safaris. Proceeds from these visits help with their on-going activities.

Europe & Mediterranean

Gulliver Travel aims through its policies and strategies to promote principles of corporate social responsibility and ecological awareness. Gulliver Travel participates actively in sustainable development and environment preservation. We are aware that this will not bring greater business success however, we believe that as a part of our society it is our duty and responsibility to give back to our enviroment and community. We are committed to improving our social responsibility through the following initiatives:

• National working group for Travelife

• Cleaning the protected area of River Ljuta in Konavle

Agrotourism Konavle Association

Maslina - Children’s Home

• Cleaning of hiking trails and forest roads in cooperation with local institutions

Ana Rucner in the Old Town - Concert festival

General Hospital Dubrovnik

Radost - Nursery school

Teddy Bear Hospital - Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Summer Festival - International cultural festival

• Cleaning the sea bed and coastal areas with several actions in Dubrovnik region

We always strive to help the quality and sustainability of Cyprus. This is why we are on the board of the CSTI and are a supporting member of CYMEPA. As part of our efforts to improve the quality and sustainability of Cyprus we are involved with the Green Beach Project and other initiatives regarding minimum sustainability standards for hotels, including the Sustainable Hotel Gardens Project.

Sustainable Hotel Gardens Project

Over the last few years Cyprus has experienced a series of water shortages, particularly during the high tourist season. Annual demand now outstrips supply. The Travel Foundation and CSTI run an initiative to reduce consumption of water in hotels. As board members for CSTI, we are activally involved with this initiative, which aims to reduce water consumption in a selection of hotels and apartment complexes in Cyprus. The Co-operative Travel implement all of the best practice measures relating to gardening.

Sorrento Foundation

The foundation was formed by Sorrento Town Hall and private businesses. The project organises important events and social participation to improve the image of the City of Sorrento. Acampora Travel is an active member and shareholder of this foundation.

Private Institute St. Maria delle Grazie Scholarship

The scholarship that we sponsor offers less fortunate children the chance to enroll in a private nursery free of charge.

ASTA Green Supplier

We are an ASTA Green Supplier which means we develop corporate social responsibility initiatives that are congruent to the green movement, including activities to foster employee engagement.

Asia Pacific

Our Smile Program is not only committed to sustainable development, but to making a positive impact on society and giving back to the communities in which the company operates. It is due to TUI China being in the people industry that it selected a children’s library as the beneficiary of its first donation, as opposed to other equally noteworthy causes like environmental and cultural protection, which will be supported in future programmes.

In 2011, in co-operation with a Sunrise Library a local NGO, TUI China established a library for a Beijing based school that specifically educates the children of migrant workers. The donation consisted in 2,000 books and 60 computers to the Sunrise Library, a non-profit organization for underprivileged children and established a library for a Beijing based school that specifically educates the children of migrant workers. The NGO will facilitate the donation by distributing the books and the computers to Jingwei School in Beijing; on top of this the company will be contributing to the Jingwei library on a sustained basis by purchasing library infrastructure, training librarian staff, and supporting other school activities for years to come. Other contributions were delivered in Anhui and Henan province.

Le Passage to India is a socially and environmentally conscious organization. Our green offices, and the emphasis on e-culture, are manifested in our business practices. It is the only Indian travel company to have a Foundation dedicated for CSR work across Indian tourist destinations. The core focus of Le Passage Travel Foundation (Shaping Lives),, is to be the ‘bridge’ between our socially inclined inbound travellers and its diligently selected grass root level NGO partners across India. 

It aims to facilitate respect, recognition and warmth, through short visits and extended volunteer programs, into the lives of the marginalised and challenged, especially children, spreading smiles sans borders. It also works closely with environment and animal welfare NPO/NGOs.


It partners over 30 NPO / NGOs/charities across India. Some key partners are:

  • Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group (Project Arman), for waste pickers’ children, Delhi
  • NGO Deepalaya for marginalized and special children, Delhi
  • The Earth Saviours Foundation for destitute and abandoned, Delhi
  • NGO Umang for cerebrally challenged children, Jaipur


  • NGO I-India and its off-shoot Ladli for street children, Jaipur
  • Jaipur Foot Organisation, famed for its low cost prosthetic limbs, Jaipur
  • St Joseph’s High School (Convent Girls Shelter), Goa
  • Bear and Elephant Rescue Centres, NGO Wildlife SOS, Agra
  • Little Flower Convent for hearing and speech impaired children, Chennai

Help rebuild Nepal by visiting it

Nepal has been recovering from last spring's devastating earthquakes, which cost so many lives and caused much damage to the country's infrastructure. But the Nepalese people are hardy and determined, and they have been rebuilding their country with such endeavour that all seven of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley are already open to the public. Now, foreign visitors to Nepal can help in the recovery task as a part of their quoted package price will go to a worthwhile earthquake relief project.

This scheme is valid from 1 August 2015 to 31 December 2015, and will see between $2.00 and $3.50 – depending on category and location – per person per night donated to an earthquake relief project. This means guests will be contributing to help Nepal in its relief and rebuilding efforts. Thirty hotels and resorts throughout the country are participating in this project and all visitors who use the services of our local partners, Malla Travel & Trek Services, will receive a certificate stating the amount of their contribution to the reconstruction of Nepal.   

Bamboo Schools Project

The Nepal based project builds schools for vulnerable and destitute children throughout Nepal. These children come from very poor Nepalese or Tibetan families; many have had to survive on the streets or have been forced into child labour. These children do not have the opportunity or the funds to receive an education under the present system. This is especially true for girls who are rarely allowed to attend school. In Nepal more than 50% of the population is illiterate. Having an education and better social fullfilment greatly improves their chances of finding employment and contributes to breaking the cycle of poverty that plagues the country.

ASMAN (Association of St. Mary’s Alumanae Nepal)

The association is a non-governmental organisation devoted to supporting underprivileged Nepalese women and children for the last nineteen years. The support encompasses health, education, cultural awareness and development.

As a Destination Services local expert we support the following initiatives:

Anula Wijewardane Girls Home

Anula Wijewardane Girls Home is an orphanage located in the Southern part of Sri Lanka in the Coastal village of Balapitiya. The ophanage provides free accommodation and educational facilities for around 45 destitute girls, most of whom are aged between 5 and 18 years.

Mirissa Water Sports Project

The project aids the Mirissa community to undertake a commercial venture aimed at providing services for tourists interested in whale and dolphin watching.

Other initiatives

Other initiatives that we’re involved in include donations for flood victims effected by the monsoon rain and the community centre, pre-school and medical centre which was built as part of the Trincomalee Tsunami Housing scheme.