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ARP Travel Group is widely recognised as the leading DMC in East Africa. Our network of companies, consisting of Alpha Travel in London, Pollman’s Tours and Safaris in Kenya and Ranger Safaris in Tanzania offer a seamless operation in this region. Our coverage includes Rwanda, Uganda and Ethiopia and we have rep offices in North America and France. 


ATC has been a leading inbound tour operator for Southern Africa for over 15 years and the first ISO 9001:2008 Certified tour operator in South Africa. Our professional and inspiring services cover all travel segments from the independence and freedom of a self-drive, to the detailed and structured itinerary of a guided tour.


Increasing reforestation

We have an agreement with Neot Kedumim Biblical Nature Reserve to increase reforestation. Holiday Travel is including a tree planting ceremony in new programmes. Neot Kedumim is a non-profit organisation where you can see and experience the land of the Bible as it was during the time of the Bible. Planting trees in Israel is an old tradition, which was especially important when the first Jewish settlers at the end of the 19th century found a desolated land. We are proud to be part of this national effort.


MWK (Mauritius Wildlife Foundation)

We support the foundation’s Ile aux Aigrettes programme, by offering a donation for every participant joining our excursion on our island. The programme helps fight against the degradation of the Ile aux Aigrettes nature reserve, a precious refuge for a wide variety of endangered species.

Friends of the Environment Association

South Africa & Namibia

As Destination Services local experts, we care about the community and the environment and as a local leader in the social responsibility efforts, we are committed to our society and always endeavour the development of different projects in our destinations. We have implemented various ways of greening our offices, including recycling, reducing the printing of paper by filing electronically, active air filtration systems and use of specific plants in the office environment

Kerith Retreat


The ARP group is involved in the following initiatives:

Tengeru School


The ARP group is involved in the following initiatives:

Tsavo Green Initiative

This initiative aims to help biodiversity conservation within the Tsavo ecosystem whilst helping enhance the habitat in the greater Taita Hills landscape through community participation and awareness.


Our deep local knowledge allows us to create unforgettable experiences for our clients. Our strengths have been enhanced through our strategic alliance with India’s leading and award winning company ‘Le Passage to India’. We are one of the leaders in the Bhutanese tourism industry. With the extensive range of tours and treks that we offer, we are able to provide creative and flexible solutions adapting all of our services to meet our customers’ needs. Our wide range of product includes cultural tours, adventures and special interest tours.


We provide a complete package of destination management services in Nepal. Our strengths have been enhanced through our strategic alliance with India’s leading and award winning company ‘Le Passage to India’. We are well known for the high quality of our services, and pride ourselves on the excellent reputation we’ve established. We offer cultural, special interest, spiritual, spa & wellness tours, adventure travel and trekking in addition to other destination management services.


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