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With today’s independent travellers, no two customers are ever alike; your customers want something different, specialised and created especially for them. That’s why we are your ideal partner in destination on management. We have the preferred partner relationships and the dedicated staff to cater for all the different market sectors. Our passion for quality and service has resulted in steady growth within our company and an excellent reputation on across the Maltese Islands.


We always strive to help the quality and sustainability of Cyprus. This is why we are on the board of the CSTI and are a supporting member of CYMEPA. As part of our efforts to improve the quality and sustainability of Cyprus we are involved with the Green Beach Project and other initiatives regarding minimum sustainability standards for hotels, including the Sustainable Hotel Gardens Project.

Sustainable Hotel Gardens Project


Gulliver Travel aims through its policies and strategies to promote principles of corporate social responsibility and ecological awareness. Gulliver Travel participates actively in sustainable development and environment preservation. We are aware that this will not bring greater business success however, we believe that as a part of our society it is our duty and responsibility to give back to our enviroment and community. We are committed to improving our social responsibility through the following initiatives:

• National working group for Travelife


Sorrento Foundation

The foundation was formed by Sorrento Town Hall and private businesses. The project organises important events and social participation to improve the image of the City of Sorrento. Acampora Travel is an active member and shareholder of this foundation.

Private Institute St. Maria delle Grazie Scholarship

The scholarship that we sponsor offers less fortunate children the chance to enroll in a private nursery free of charge.

ASTA Green Supplier


In terms of professionalism and the quality of services provided, we are considered among the most successful inbound operators in Israel. We have a wealth of experience in the tourism industry and many assets of an established organisation, such as security, reliability, quality and competitive prices.


Proven through our continual efforts to provide our clients with the most creative and innovative product ideas and services, branch network, high quality transport fleet and multi-lingual professional personnel; we are the ideal partner for travel professionals seeking quality destination management.

We know how better travelling can be once you find the people you can trust and our knowledge of this has provided a clear and focused strategy of maintaining market leadership in our specialised fields of activity.


Offering a strong partnership in destination management by fully using the competence, quality, creativity and reliability of our employees. Gulliver Travel is about providing added value to the client, tailor-made solutions, creative experiences and a wide range of services that will exceed all expectations.

We offer a comprehensive variety of products and services that make visiting Croatia and its neighbouring countries an unforgettable travel experience. We continuously develop new product lines and are currently situated in 4 local offices within the region.


We cover the entire Italian territory as an incoming tours specialist. With our professional image and reputation, we strive to continuously exceed clients’ expectations with different specialised themed round-trips for groups or FIT’s. These specialised groups and FIT’s not only include the wedding and deluxe sector, but many more.

With offices throughout Italy, we have developed excellent relationships both with suppliers and clients alike. This in turn translates into reliable services, quality conscious operations and a competitive commercial edge.


We believe that customer focus and great communication is the foundation for a successful destination specialist. We offer an attractive and diverse range of products at very competitive rates, always ensuring that the highest standards are met throughout the process.

Covering the entire country with offices in various locations, we strive for programme creativity, operational feasibility, value for money and the realisation of our clients dreams. This ensures complete customer satisfaction.


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