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6D Kopi Jawa love story

Kopi Jawa, meaning ‘Java coffee’, is the star of this Javanese show. Start and end this coffee romance in Jogjakarta, the smallest but most commonly visited province in Java, and the only province in Indonesia still governed by its pre-colonial monarchy. Jogjakarta offers many cultural attractions, such as the largest Hindu temple site in Indonesia, Prambanan, built in the ninth century, and also the Borobudur, a ninth-century Buddhist temple located nearby.

5D Flavours of Bali

The beautiful island of Bali is blessed in many ways – not only will the distinct culture and the warm welcome by the islanders charm you, but the tremendous culinary heritage will also surprise you. Enjoy the delicious Balinese nasi campur at Warung Men Weti restaurant in Sanur, and continue to the heart of Ubud where you will have lunch at the most popular warung – a typical local restaurant – of the island of Bali, Warung Babi Guling Bu Oka. Lastly, visit some of the best culinary venues in Seminyak for a flavour adventure on this five-day trip for the taste buds.

Guaranteed departures: 3D Central highlights

Spend three unforgettable days on a round-trip adventure that starts and finishes in Bangkok. Discover the region’s ancient monuments, dazzling temples, bustling markets and even the inspiration for a Hollywood blockbuster, which all help make Thailand the most intriguing country in Southeast Asia. Visit ruins such as those of Ayutthaya, which offer an insight into the grandeur of past glories, and mix and mingle with the locals in some of Thailand’s authentic villages, where the past is very much alive.


Guaranteed departures: 3D River Kwai delight plus

Beginning and finishing in Bangkok, this trip is an exciting way to experience the Kanchanaburi province and makes a great extension to another trip while in Thailand or a relaxing escape from the big city of Bangkok. Learn about the history of the bridge over the River Kwai and trek to the Mon tribal village where you can learn about the local way of life. If you desire a bit more action and adventure, an optional biking tour on a bamboo jungle trek is also available. Stay overnight in the amazing eco-friendly River Jungle Rafts.

Guaranteed departures: 7D S2O - See two oceans

Experience a seven-day nature lover’s adventure through Southern Thailand, as you hike through fauna-filled national parks, voyage through majestic lakes, explore fantastical caves and inhale the pure air of tropical forests. Drop anchor on the turquoise beaches of some of the most stunning islands of the world in the Andaman Sea. From the coast to the interior and back, this incredible region of Thailand is wildly different from what you might expect, so prepare yourself for a sensory splendour of the south.


Guaranteed departures: 6D Andaman to Gulf

The magical cultural mix of far Southern Thailand boasts all types of impressive scenery, from awe-inspiring beaches to tropical forests packed full of flora and fauna. Southern Thailand’s mix of cultures is wildly different from the northern regions, from their traditional cuisine to landscapes and even language.

Guaranteed departures: 5D Northern highlights

Immerse yourself in the fascinating culture, heritage and scenery of northern Thailand with this magical round-trip from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai. This region is bursting with historic monuments, dreamlike landscapes, gastronomic delights and wonderful wildlife. Discover the main temples, meet the gentle giants that are Asian elephants and come face to face with the hill tribes who have inhabited the mountain villages of the north since time immemorial. 


Guaranteed departures: 5D Gems of Siam

Modern Thailand merges into historic Siam over five unforgettable days with this round-trip starting and ending in Bangkok. Discover the ancient monuments, dazzling temples and bustling markets that help make Thailand the most captivating country in southeast Asia. Visit ruins such as those of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai, which offer an insight into the grandeur of past glories, and meet the inhabitants of remote rainforest villages, where the past is very much alive. Join us for a magical journey to uncover Siam’s glittering gems. 


Guaranteed departures: 4D Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai

Explore the north of Thailand and discover its main cultural attractions with this magical four-day tour from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai. This region is overflowing with historic monuments, dreamlike landscapes, gastronomic delights and wonderful wildlife. See the top temples, come face to face with gentle Asian elephants and visit hill tribe villages. 


Chiang Mai: Head to Hang Dong for the best selection of shops selling arts, crafts, furniture and other Asian curios

5D Vision of Bali

The very name Bali evokes a vision of paradise – of bountiful beaches, virgin rainforests and romantic temples in scenic spots. This five-day round-trip from Denspasar Airport explores every corner of the island, taking you to sights and attractions such as Klungkung Palace, the Goa Lawah Bat Cave, the Tirta Gangga Water Palace and the Mother Temple of Besakih as well as a beguiling barong and kris dance. Throughout your odyssey, the generous and friendly Balinese people will ensure you will always hold a special place in your heart for them and their beautiful island. 


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