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6D Gourmet Campania self-drive tour

Captivating Campania is an area rich in culinary and cultural heritage, and overflowing with picturesque coastal villages. This lush land just south of Rome gave the world pizza and preserved the haunting ruins of Pompeii for posterity. This all-encompassing six-day tour offers a mouth-watering combination of gastronomy and food tastings combined with visits to Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento.


Naples: When in Naples, do as the Neapolitans do and enjoy a pizza in the city where this popular dish was first made

9D Tuscany and Istria - Wine and dine

Tuscany and Istria may be separated by the Adriatic but they are united by a shared heritage and passion for the finest cuisine. Savour these two regions with a taste for the best during this nine-day gourmet tour. In Tuscany, prepare your very own herb pie using ancient Etruscan recipes and tickle your palate with pecorino cheese washed down with Montepulciano wine. Toast your arrival in Istria with a ‘biska’ brandy and try the region’s best-kept secret, a succulent wine-based soup.

9D Croatia & Italy - Eternal cities

The past comes to life in the eternal cities of Croatia and Italy, where the legacy of great civilisations can be seen at every corner. Discover the Ragusan heritage of Dubrovnik, the Roman origins of Split and the Ottoman roots of Mostar. Savour the Venetian flavour of tiny Trogir and behold the imperial glory of Rome. Marvel at the medieval magnificence of Pisa and Lucca, and admire the Renaissance elegance of Florence and Siena. Each and every one an eternal city whose names will live on forever.


15D Croatia & Italy - Adriatic treasures

From medieval Dubrovnik to eternal Rome, this classical tour takes you through the most beautiful and historic cities in the Adriatic region. Stroll stunning Stradun street in Dubrovnik, enjoy truffles and oysters in Istria and sip on a coffee by the 1,700-year-old palace of Emperor Diocletian. Admire beautiful Tuscan basilicas and discover the piazza where Siena’s famous horse race is run. Whisper your wishes to the Trevi Fountain and allow yourself to dream of returning to Rome!


7D Tuscan gastronomy classics

This tour explores a region full of sprawling vineyards, rolling hills, charming old cities and artistic masterpieces. Visit the magnificent city of Florence known as the “Cradle of the Renaissance”, Siena which is famous for the Palio horse race, the Chianti area, Montepulciano and Montalcino two regions known all over the world for their prestigious wines and San Gimignano with it’s many tall towers. The tour will visit wineries and cellars, sample excellent wines, taste Pecorino cheeses with olive oil and shop for delicacies in the many food shops.


Sorrento Foundation

The foundation was formed by Sorrento Town Hall and private businesses. The project organises important events and social participation to improve the image of the City of Sorrento. Acampora Travel is an active member and shareholder of this foundation.

Private Institute St. Maria delle Grazie Scholarship

The scholarship that we sponsor offers less fortunate children the chance to enroll in a private nursery free of charge.

ASTA Green Supplier


We cover the entire Italian territory as an incoming tours specialist. With our professional image and reputation, we strive to continuously exceed clients’ expectations with different specialised themed round-trips for groups or FIT’s. These specialised groups and FIT’s not only include the wedding and deluxe sector, but many more.

With offices throughout Italy, we have developed excellent relationships both with suppliers and clients alike. This in turn translates into reliable services, quality conscious operations and a competitive commercial edge.

6D Cultural beauty & gastronomy

Campania is a land rich in culture, music, history, architecture and archaeological sites, including; Naples, the city where the modern pizza was conceived and host to grand castles and noble palaces; Pompeii, the ancient Roman town buried in 79 AD by a massive eruption of Mount Vesuvius; Sorrento, the lively seaside resort home to the famous Limoncello; the celebrated Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage site where a series of mountainside towns seem to tumble into the sea.

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