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Sorrento Foundation

The foundation was formed by Sorrento Town Hall and private businesses. The project organises important events and social participation to improve the image of the City of Sorrento. Acampora Travel is an active member and shareholder of this foundation.

Private Institute St. Maria delle Grazie Scholarship

The scholarship that we sponsor offers less fortunate children the chance to enroll in a private nursery free of charge.

ASTA Green Supplier


We cover the entire Italian territory as an incoming tours specialist. With our professional image and reputation, we strive to continuously exceed clients’ expectations with different specialised themed round-trips for groups or FIT’s. These specialised groups and FIT’s not only include the wedding and deluxe sector, but many more.

With offices throughout Italy, we have developed excellent relationships both with suppliers and clients alike. This in turn translates into reliable services, quality conscious operations and a competitive commercial edge.

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