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Guaranteed departures: 11D Kingdoms of heaven

Discover two of the most mysterious countries in the world with this spellbinding 11-day tour of Nepal and Bhutan. Located high in the Himalayas, their remoteness has helped preserved their heritage, cultures and independence. Explore Nepal’s priceless architectural treasures and breathtaking landscapes for the first leg of the adventure and then immerse yourself in the tiny Kingdom of Bhutan, where time seems to have stood still.


Our deep local knowledge allows us to create unforgettable experiences for our clients. Our strengths have been enhanced through our strategic alliance with India’s leading and award winning company ‘Le Passage to India’. We are one of the leaders in the Bhutanese tourism industry. With the extensive range of tours and treks that we offer, we are able to provide creative and flexible solutions adapting all of our services to meet our customers’ needs. Our wide range of product includes cultural tours, adventures and special interest tours.

7D A cultural encounter

High in the mysterious and majestic eastern Himalayas, nestled between the Tibetan autonomous region of China and India, lies the small Kingdom of Bhutan, increasingly renowned for one of the Earth’s most precious unspoiled spots. This tour explores ancient monasteries and shrines of historical and archaeological interests in the heartland of three major towns of the Dragon Kingdom. The guests will discover a magical place that speaks of a Buddhist culture in the daily lives of its people.

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