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8D A peek into ancient traditions

Encompassing all the main highlights of Vietnam and focusing on the country’s cultural and natural diversity, this tour takes you from the charming capital city of Hanoi and the stunningly beautiful Halong Bay to the World Heritage sites of Hoi An and Hue; from colourful and teeming Ho Chi Minh City to the wonderful scenery and floating markets of the Mekong Delta. This is the perfect tour for an insight into traditional Vietnamese culture and people.


Vietnam is an utter assault on the senses; it is at once dizzying, frenetic and fascinating. Yet it is lovable. The Vietnamese are friendly and endlessly generous, and travelling the country is nothing but a delight. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive selection of travel opportunities and experiences and to meet all our partners’ needs. Our clients include some of the world’s largest tour operators, as well as individual travelers.

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